It costs $0.00 to THINK like you are wealthy.

It costs $0.00 to FEEL like you are wealthy.

Want a tip for getting out of debt?

Focus on prosperity. Not debt.

When I ask people what their #1 goal is, about 80% of the time they tell me it’s to “get out of debt”, but there’s a HUGE problem.

They are focused on thoughts and feelings related to being in debt, so guess what they attract? More debt.

If your goal is to be debt free, you need to remove the word ‘debt’ from your vocabulary.

Your goal should never be to be debt free. In fact your goal shouldn’t even be to become financially secure.

Money itself is a horrible goal. Money is the RESULT of reaching a worthy goal. It’s not the goal itself.

Therefore, if you want the be debt free, and your focus is on debt, then more of the same must come.

When you decide to place your focus on becoming financially secure, you can begin forming ideas of a WORTHY GOAL that will cause you to move into living a financially secure life.

The thought focus and emotional focus should be on PROSPERITY, while the GOAL itself should be something that CAUSES prosperity when the goal is reached.

In other words…

THINK and FEEL like you are financially secure NOW while you are ACTING in a way that moves you toward the achievement of a worthy goal that results in you living a financially secure life.

Do that, and do it consistently over time, and your financial situation WILL get better, the laws of this universe say that it MUST!


James Godin is a writer, an avid student of human potential, a personal development coach, and a man who has tremendous love for others. He has an undeniable passion for helping people realize their true potential in life. He spends his days constantly improving his understanding of himself so he can understand and help others better. He is always deepening his awareness and increasing the frequency of vibration from which he operates so he may bring his positive energy to any situation and leave everyone in his presence with the impression of increase.

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