Un-herd of Greatness

You have infinite potential within you. Wouldn’t you love to know how to access more of it?

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Accomplish ANY Goal You Can Think Of…

If you are anything like most people out there, you instinctively search for solutions outside of yourself. Now, that can work, but only temporarily.

If you want significant and lasting change, the change has to happen from within first, and then the change will show up on the outside.

When you begin looking inward for the answers to your problems, instead of looking at your problems hoping for answers to come, everything in your life will begin to change.

You will experience beautiful synchronicities such as the right people, the right information, and the right ideas showing up at precisely the time they need to show up for you to be successful in reaching your goal.

When you go beyond the intellectual and egoic parts of yourself, and move to a higher spiritual plane of consciousness, success and prosperity will find you at unexpected times in common hours.

The curious thing is, people who accomplish extraordinary things in life are no different than you and me. The exact same biological program that is built into them, is also hardwired into your being.

The way you can begin using this program to help you achieve any goal you desire in life, is to learn how your mind and body work to create everything you experience as real and true in your life.

When you have this deeper understanding, you will no longer look for solutions outside of yourself that produce a temporary fix to a problem you are facing. Instead, you will be blissfully designing your own destiny.

Unlock Your Infinite Potential

We have been conditioned to believe that any thoughts which come as a result of experiencing something through any of the five senses is thinking, but that’s NOT real thinking.

You see, whenever we see, hear, smell, taste or touch something and a thought comes to mind, we are reacting to something that has already happened.

However, when we turn our attention inwardly, and tap into the infinite spiritual power within us to create new thoughts and ideas that support the life we truly want to be living, now that’s real thinking.

Thinking is a creative act. There is no creation in reacting to outside stimuli. We create from within. This video course is designed to help you shift your thinking from outside-in to inside-out. Taking back control of your thinking is the key to unlocking your infinite potential.

Meet Your Coach

James has been on the leading edge of personal development helping people from all over the world realize their true potential since 2012.

His clients love working with him, his fans adore his work, and it’s undeniable that what he teaches flat out works!

He is quickly becoming known as one of the very best in the areas of law of attraction, personal development, goal achieving, meditation, and unlocking infinite human potential in others.

When you’re with James, you are always in good, caring, and compassionate hands. If you want the best, work with James!

Video Course Format and Curriculum

You’ll get five video coaching lessons from James, including the following:

Part 1: Un-herd of Greatness – Why such a large portion of the population is living in bondage.

Part 2: Your Paradigm – What a paradigm is, how to identify YOUR PARADIGM, how it is controlling your results, and how to change it.

Part 3: Our Higher Mental Faculties – The 6 higher mental faculties of the human mind,why most people are not using them properly, and how you can use them properly.

Part 4: Nothing Happens Until This… – “The Master KEY of Life”, and “The Art of Allowing.”

Part 5: Co-Creating At It’s Best – 6 daily actions for co-creating the life you REALLY want.

As you move through each video lesson, you will:

  • Discover how to tap into your true potential and step into a life of greatness that is unheard of by about 95% of the population. You’ll know what’s required in order for you to join the top 2% and higher.
  • Learn how to identify your paradigm, and clearly see how it is causing your present results. You will know how to change the paradigm, and ultimately create the life you really want.
  • Discover and learn how to properly use the 6 higher mental faculties of the mind. There is a certain way of thinking that causes extraordinary results. When you think in this certain way, everything changes.
  • Explore The Master KEY of Life in depth, and discover the powerful secrets of The Art of Allowing.
  • Learn the 6 daily actions you can take that are guaranteed to produce the results you really want, if acted upon in complete faith, and persisted in.

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What People Are Saying…

I met James Godin in a group hangout with some very talented entrepreneurs & when I heard his wisdom, I was floored! I jumped on board with his program without hesitation, and certainly glad I did! James Over delivers!

With James, I was held accountable (SO IMPORTANT), given assignments that made a huge difference in my mindset, self image, and knowledge.

The Best part is, My income increased by a WHOPPING 34%, in only 30 days!

Highly recommend connecting with James and his services! You won’t be sorry!

Thanks James!

Jessica D.

Network Marketing Professional, My Lead System Pro

I was struggling for years to build a successful business. My one dream was to become successful, but the last 2 years was a nightmare. I earned zero money and lost thousands trying to figure out how to do this.

But suddenly magic happened when I found James Godin in 2014 and started doing exactly what he told me to do. After working with him for only 3 weeks I made my first $1,000 sale in my online business just following what he told me to do.

I have now earned over $300,000 since following his guidance. That is pretty incredible for a guy like me who was struggling for years. So, if you want a mentor or if you want to be more successful, James is the best.

Thank you James!

Armando R.

Six Figure Internet Marketer, MOBE

Benefits Of Owning This Video Course

FINALLY reach all those goals you set each year!

This program is perfect for you if you find yourself setting goals every year, and rarely achieving them. I’m going to help you understand why this is happening, and show you how to change it. It’s a negative thinking pattern that causes you to let many of your goals slip through the cracks, and when you buy this video course, you are going to have the tools you need to correct this problem, and replace it with a thinking pattern that serves you.

After going through this course one time, you will begin to see yourself, and your goals in a new light. With repetition of the information in this course you will, with practice, be able to hit ANY goal you set for yourself.

Live up to your full potential!

If you ever feel like your life could be so much better than it is right now, if you were just able to tap into a greater portion of the infinite potential within, then this course is ideal for you. It’s true, you really do have infinite potential within you, and I know exactly why you feel like you’re unable to tap into more of it.

The truth is YOU ARE ABLE to tap into as much of your potential as you can imagine is possible for you. The reason you feel you are not able, is because you have not been willing to pay the price required to receive such a reward. You have got to be willing to pay the price, and if you’re not willing, then you don’t deserve the reward.

Now listen to this. Because your potential is infinite, the rewards are endless! It has been said that our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate, but that we are powerful beyond measure. That’s the problem you are experiencing if you are having trouble living up to your full potential. You know you have infinite potential, and you’re afraid of what you will become when you finally allow yourself to step into a higher level of consciousness.

When you buy this course, and commit to studying it thoroughly, and repeatedly, you will gain such an understanding that causes your faith to grow in strength, and as the faith grows, the fear will melt away. Once your unconscious fear of your infinite power is transmuted into FAITH, you will step into a higher consciousness, and you will begin living up to your true potential.

Realize your dream

If you have big dreams, but you don’t know where to start. You can put that worry to rest! With the understanding you will gain in this video course, you will be able to CLEARLY identify your starting point, as well as your vision for where you want to go.

Most goal programs out there help people decide where they want to go, but they never help them understand where they are, or who they are. This video course is going to help you gain clarity so that you can see where you are now, what the next step is that you need to take, and you’ll know exactly where you are going.

We establish such clarity by better understanding the mind, and by learning about who we really are. You will discover a deeper, more meaningful side of yourself, and when you do, you’ll have the key to realizing your biggest dreams.

Earn and attract more money and resources

Have you ever found yourself wanting to invest in yourself, or invest you and your family’s future, and when you look at the cost involved, you say something like “I want that, but I have no idea how to get the money for it.”?

To quote Tony Robbins, “we never lack resources, we only ever lack resourcefullness”. You see, we do NOT need resources like money to be immediately available in order for us to do great things in life. All we need is to be resourceful enough to find the money AFTER we definitely decide we are going to do something.

This video course is going to cause a shift in your thinking. When you begin thinking in this certain way, you will never say things like “I can’t afford it” ever again. You will gain such an understanding of the power of your mind that you will make decisions to do incredible things, and you will always find the resources, every time.

If you need to earn the money, you’ll earn it. If you need to attract it from halfway around the world, you will, because once your consciousness is tuned into wealth, abundance, and prosperity, it must come, and it will.

Be healthier, happier, and have peace of mind

The same power we work with to eliminate fear, change paradigms, reach goals, and attract more money is also a healing power. It is energy we are working with here.

When you understand the information within this video course, you will be working with an energy of abundance, healing, peace, happiness, wealth, and all things that are good and desired by you.

This course is ultimately about teaching you to live as your most authentic, highest self. When you have tuned into your infinite power within, and tapped your infinite potential, you will attract everything required for you to live the life of your biggest dreams. That includes better health, a happier attitude, and peace of mind.

Truly believe anything you can imagine can and will be yours!

Lots of people SAY they believe in themselves, but their results would suggest the opposite is true. They don’t really believe in their infinite potential, but they want everyone to think they do. Until we come to terms with this lie we tell ourselves, nothing can get better in our life. TRUE BELIEF is everything!

It’s not good enough to believe in ourselves at an intellectual level. We must believe at an emotional level. We must develop an unshakable FAITH in our co-creative ability to create ANY life we can imagine ourselves living.

Faith is simply BELIEF in the invisible. Knowing something to be true in your heart, long before it ever shows up in the present reality. Through the repetition of the information in this video course, you will develop such a belief in yourself that will you feel confident in your ability to achieve ANYTHING you really want in life.

Ready To Buy This Course?

Just a one-time payment of $67!

60 Day Happiness Guarantee

Because I am so confident you will absolutely love this program, I am giving you my 60 day happiness guarantee that protects 100% of your purchase price for 2 whole months. That's right, you can put my program to the ultimate test for 60 full days, and if you decide you're not incredibly happy with your purchase, I'll give you 100% of your money back. Because I love you.

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