I always know when I’m truly thinking from my heart and my ego has gone away from me in the moments I feel pure bliss and all the good I desire flows effortlessly to and through my consciousness.

The best way I can describe the feeling is that it feels as if you have just fallen in love with your true self for the first time. Time itself seems to stand still and the vibration in your body seems like it couldn’t be any more perfect if you wanted it to be.

It’s pure bliss. It’s euphoria. It’s the ideal emotional state. And best of all it’s natural, safe, and is produced through a higher level of awareness. No external substance required!

Daily personal development spaced over time is producing the best feelings I’ve ever experienced in my life. The more I get to know who I really am through self study, the better life gets. It’s a magical process! I recommend it to everyone.

A word of wisdom for personal development new comers…STICK WITH IT!

Every area of life does improve and blissful emotional states grow in frequency and intensity with disciplined practice over time. The longer you place your focus on growth and expansion the better everything gets!


James Godin is a writer, an avid student of human potential, a personal development coach, and a man who has tremendous love for others. He has an undeniable passion for helping people realize their true potential in life. He spends his days constantly improving his understanding of himself so he can understand and help others better. He is always deepening his awareness and increasing the frequency of vibration from which he operates so he may bring his positive energy to any situation and leave everyone in his presence with the impression of increase.

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