I’m a member of James’ study group since January 2017. I love his study sessions. James is very enlightening. I was already doing parts of what he was teaching on my own already, but he took my studying to another level, so much faster. So I studied some more and read a lot more books from the ones on his list. I couldn’t get enough!! I started meditating too, like he advises. Things started to get much clearer on the path I needed to take.

I then had a big decision to make, and he was there to help me make it. In the following days, I think it was the next day, I kept hearing the words network marketing, over and over. I started researching and found a company that blew my mind.

I ended up signing with one of the biggest network marketers in the world. My vision changed in a matter of a few hours, I knew my life path had changed. I know now that my dreams are finally coming true.

So study hard, meditate, and everything will come to you. Listen to James until it happens for you and it will! All he says is true! He teaches what other great minds have taught. He knows the way and he’ll take you there.

Thank you James! xx

Pascale N.

Distributor, Jeunesse Global

I am Natalia, and I met James on Facebook. I was attracted to his inspiring posts. Before I joined his study group I felt like I was standing still, which was very discouraging at times. And when I joined James study group I felt like the Universe was on my side.

After a first week of studying I felt like a different person, I became more aware of infinite potential. After being in this group for 2 weeks I attracted to myself the right people and circumstances to reach my goal. I’m so happy and grateful to James for everything that he’s done.

Love and Blessings

Natalia R.

Self Employed, Home Based Business Entrepreneur

I am a Spiritual Healer that connects with the universe to heal and help people to expand and grow. Its been approximately three weeks since I started working with James Godin. In the beginning I was kind of hesitant, however I decided to make the effort anyway.

Before I joined, things were slow, meaning business and the natural flow of things. I already studied with others like Bob Procter, Mary Morrisey and Tony Robbins to name a few. I knew something was missing and I shared my concerns with James Godin. We talked and he told me about a trial period for one of his programs, so I figured why not.

It’s been three weeks and I am so excited to say the transformations happening to me are amazing!! Business is thriving, clients are flooding in, my awareness and consciousness have expanded and grown. I have finally found my missing piece, thanks to Mr Godin’s guidance. Two days ago I was walking in the supermarket, it was extremely crowded. As I was walking I saw what looked like money, I stopped and thought doesn’t anyone else see it? I walked right up to it and sure enough it’s was a bill, not a small Bill either! Then yesterday I received a surprise check in the mail! 🙂 Everything is happening so quickly and I know without a doubt, it’s due to James Godin’s guidance, and me really listening to what he says to do.

I am literally following every thing he says and life has become magical! I am so happy and grateful for meeting James Godin and being a student of his. Anyone that’s skeptical, you’re wasting time that could be spent enjoying the wonderful benefits arising from working with James.

Thank you James for all you do, this benefits myself, my children, grandchildren, my family, my friends, my professional life, those I help and connect to and yes the world.

Love, Light, Abundance, Blessings! 🙂

Debbie B.

Spiritual Healer, Oracle Skai (The Path Awakener)

I met James Godin in a group hangout with some very talented entrepreneurs & when I heard his wisdom, I was floored! I jumped on board with his program without hesitation, and certainly glad I did! James Over delivers!

With James, I was held accountable (SO IMPORTANT), given assignments that made a huge difference in my mindset, self image, and knowledge.

The Best part is, My income increased by a WHOPPING 34%, in only 30 days!

Highly recommend connecting with James and his services! You won’t be sorry!

Thanks James!

Jessica D.

Network Marketing Professional, My Lead System Pro

I was struggling for years to build a successful business. My one dream was to become successful, but the last 2 years was a nightmare. I earned zero money and lost thousands trying to figure out how to do this.

But suddenly magic happened when I found James Godin in 2014 and started doing exactly what he told me to do. After working with him for only 3 weeks I made my first $1,000 sale in my online business just following what he told me to do.

I have now earned over $400,000 since following his guidance. That is pretty incredible for a guy like me who was struggling for years. So, if you want a mentor or if you want to be more successful, James is the best.

Thank you James!

Armando R.

Six Figure Internet Marketer, MOBE

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