A Life Changing Free Audio Series.

In this four part free audio series you will discover exactly what it is that causes so few people to succeed in life, while the vast majority struggle and fail. You will learn the real difference between controlling your results in life, and your results controlling you.

You will finally know how to close the knowing – doing gap so you can enjoy the life you really want. You will also discover The Master KEY of Life as well as how to apply it to any area you choose so you can begin living the life of your dreams.


Unlock Your Infinite Potential.

In this five part video course you will learn how to break free from the bondage cycle that 95% of the population is stuck in. You’ll do this by identifying your paradigm, learning how it is controlling your results, and how you can change your paradigm and join the elite few.

You will discover your six higher mental faculties, and how to use them properly. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of The Master KEY of Life, and The Art of Allowing. By the end of this program, your awareness will be expanded, and you’ll have SIX key actions you can take each day to successfully co-create the life you REALLY want.


This is James Godin LIVE.

The weekly LIVE-stream study group is a special opportunity for you to join James Godin on a weekly basis as he covers relevant topics, studies from classic books by the greatest personal development teachers, both past and present, and offers LIVE Q&A.

This is your best opportunity to sample what it’s like being coached directly by  James as you join him in a LIVE study session each week. Learn how to apply the greatest secrets of success ever discovered so you can expand your awareness of your unlimited potential within.  

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