Income Disclaimer

Reason For Disclaimer: Although most of the content and programs on this website are not exclusively related to increasing personal income or business cashflow, some content and programs on this site do include information and processes that have been proven to improve some individual’s personal and/or business finances. You will notice reference to such examples as provided in customer and client success stories. As a personal development resource, is dedicated to helping individuals and groups achieve the highest level of personal and professional success possible, and part of that mission includes leading people to financial freedom, no matter what that might look like on a case by case basis. It’s because increasing income is a part of overall personal development, that we include this income disclaimer.

Any income results that James Godin shares on this website are NOT typical. To achieve similar results in this business requires a great deal of work, a strong dedication to reaching your goals, and an understanding of your target market as well as being aware of changing market conditions over time. Income as an entrepreneur is never guaranteed, and your income will be in direct proportion to the VALUE you deliver in the marketplace. By “value”, we specifically mean the problems you solve in your target market, and how well you solve those problems.

Your results may vary depending on your work ethic, willingness to learn and apply what you learn, as well as your commitment to stick through the many obstacles that will surely present themselves just as they do when you are learning anything new. James Godin goes above and beyond the call of duty to help everyone succeed who works with him, however, ultimately your success depends on you, your attitude toward your business, your decisions, and your actions.

Average Earnings are just that, average. James Godin believes that we were all born to be extraordinary, and he certainly practices and teaches principles of success that can help you live your most extraordinary life. However, no matter how good James is as a teacher, there will always be some people who do not understand the training material, do not properly apply it in the real world, or do not persist long enough in their action in order to see desirable results. It is for this reason that most people never earn more than $500 per year with the information provided on this website. The potential is there to earn with no ceiling or cap on income, but just because there is no limit to what you CAN do, doesn’t necessarily mean that you WILL do whatever it takes to create outstanding results. The large income claims and examples James Godin shares on this website and through all of his websites, emails, and social media accounts are illustrative of what IS possible, and what has been achieved by a minority of members. The income potential by following James Godin’s guidance is incredible, but it is 100% up to YOU to create the results you desire. You might earn $500 a year, you might earn a lot more, you might earn nothing at all. The only thing James Godin promises is that the information he shares is good, and proven to work for himself and others. There is ZERO promise by him that you will follow through or stick with it long enough to see results. That is up to YOU. Your results may, and most likely will vary.

If you decide to purchase any of James Godin’s products and/or services through any of the pages of this website, in any emails he sends you with your permission, on any of his websites, or any of his social media accounts, you are agreeing not to hold James Godin responsible for any losses, or damages as a result of your use of his products and willing participation in his services and programs. There is an inherent risk of doing business online, and in conducting any business in general. By choosing to do business with James Godin you are agreeing to take full responsibility for your financial investments, decisions you make and actions you take, hereby releasing James Godin of any and all liability. You are NOT required to purchase any products or services from this website in order to earn money from the training and coaching that James Godin provides on this website.

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