How do you eat an elephant?

Well, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t enjoy eating elephant, but if I did try eating one, I’d do it one bite at a time.

How do you change your life?

In the exact same way. Only instead of taking one bite at a time, we only need to change one thought at a time.

Thoughts have the power to create the life you really want, or if you allow them to run wild have the power to keep you in bondage.

Your power begins with your ability to choose your thoughts, and form new patterns and habits that serve you as you work toward realizing your biggest dreams.

It’s not a matter of monitoring every thought that enters your mind, since that’s not possible. It’s only a matter of checking in with how you feel in any given moment and asking, “what am I thinking about right now that could be causing these feelings?”

Use your emotions to alert you to your current train of thought. As you become aware of your thoughts, if they are negative, immediately choose to reject them, and then replace them with new better thoughts.

And remember, it doesn’t have to happen all at once.

Just take it ONE thought at a time.


James Godin is a writer, an avid student of human potential, a personal development coach, and a man who has tremendous love for others. He has an undeniable passion for helping people realize their true potential in life. He spends his days constantly improving his understanding of himself so he can understand and help others better. He is always deepening his awareness and increasing the frequency of vibration from which he operates so he may bring his positive energy to any situation and leave everyone in his presence with the impression of increase.

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