The story you build in your mind will become the reality you experience in your life.

Our inner self-talk is a mirror reflection of our imagination, and our imagination is a mirror reflection of the state which it is fused with.

In order to change the state our imagination is fused with, we must first change our inner self-talk.

When we change our inner self-talk so it matches with the dream fulfilled, your state automatically changes with it.

In other words, when we start talking to ourselves using language that describes us as already having achieved the good we desire, we can not help but feel just like we would if we really had achieved the goal already.

By continually revisiting the FEELING place of having already achieved your goal, you fuse yourself with that state, and your external reality must reflect this change.

All great advances in humankind were once just a dream that an individual perceived as already being actualized.

They thought, talked, and walked like they already were the person they dreamed of being, and in time their ACT became FACT.

Every award winning inventor, actor, athlete, artist, musician, humanitarian, etc. since the beginning of time first ACTED as though they were when nobody else could see evidence that they were, and in time, others finally could see what they saw so long ago.

It’s so true what Dr. Wayne Dyer always said, “When you change your thoughts, you will change your life. Because when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

That means YOU change too when you look at yourself differently, and you start looking at yourself differently when you change your inner self-talk.

When you shift that little voice inside your head to a story that portrays you has the hero who is living the wish fulfilled, the dream you had will fade into the past and you’ll wake up into a beautiful new reality.

~ Namaste ~


James Godin is a writer, an avid student of human potential, a personal development coach, and a man who has tremendous love for others. He has an undeniable passion for helping people realize their true potential in life. He spends his days constantly improving his understanding of himself so he can understand and help others better. He is always deepening his awareness and increasing the frequency of vibration from which he operates so he may bring his positive energy to any situation and leave everyone in his presence with the impression of increase.

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