ACT until it becomes FACT.

I like that so much better than when people say “fake it till you make it”.

Faking something doesn’t make it come true if you keep doing it. However ACTING from the right ATTITUDE will make your dream come true.

There is such a huge difference between “faking” and “acting”. Some may argue they are the same, but they are not.

Faking comes from the ego self. The self that isn’t the real you. This part of your personality wants you to believe you are separate from what you perceive as missing in your life, and that you have to “fake it” until you can cause what’s missing to appear.

Acting from an attitude of faith and expectancy comes from the authentic self.

Your authentic self IS the real you. This part of your personality wants you to remember that you are already connected to everything you perceive as missing in your life.

You truly are already connected to everything you perceive as missing in your life, it’s just hard to see it sometimes from your current perspective.

All that’s required to gain a clear view of the good you want to attract to you is for you to raise your level of awareness.

When you make a firm decision to do something, you switch your brain onto a different frequency and the attraction begins.

Then, when you lock your focus on the image of yourself already in possession of the good you desire, you add energy to the goal.

As you continue to focus, you become emotionally involved, and the vibration in your body increases.

This increase in the vibration of your body must be expressed in some form of action.

When you ACT from this higher vibration, you are acting from an inspired place.

When you act from an inspired place, you are aligned with spirit, the very essence of you you really are, your authentic self.

So don’t “fake it till you make it” because that’s a lie your ego wants you to believe, and if you listen, you’ll never “make it”.

Instead, shift your attitude to one of faith, expectancy, gratitude, and inspiration.

When you ACT from that place, it won’t be long until your fantasy becomes FACT.

~ Namaste


James Godin is a writer, an avid student of human potential, a personal development coach, and a man who has tremendous love for others. He has an undeniable passion for helping people realize their true potential in life. He spends his days constantly improving his understanding of himself so he can understand and help others better. He is always deepening his awareness and increasing the frequency of vibration from which he operates so he may bring his positive energy to any situation and leave everyone in his presence with the impression of increase.

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